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For small brands, getting noticed in this competitive marketplace requires new and innovative strategies. Traditional advertising may not be as effective as coming up with creative ways to sell your brand to buyers, press, and the general public.


Before you get your message out, you have to make sure you have a clear and consistent brand image and selling points. How you define your brand is going to affect how you present and sell your brand to others.

Step 1: What is your objective? Do you want to focus only on your online store? Or are you more interested in selling to retailers? When it comes to small brands, most retailers want to see that you are already selling to customers, are able to produce and ship product on time, and that you are able to finance production. If you want to focus on promoting your online business you would need to focus on avenues like press, bloggers, and digital marketing to drive traffic to your site.


Step 2: Develop a promotional strategy. Taking the time in the beginning, to come up with a plan to promote your brand, will make things much easier than haphazardly getting the word out to any and everyone. You can outsource to a publicist, but in many cases, a publicist alone isn’t going to be effective.

Step 3: Execute the plan. Once you have your overall strategy, you can then decide what you want to delegate and what you want to keep in-house. Some aspects of your plan may require you to hire someone and others you may be able to do yourself.

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It is up to you to decide what would work best for your brand. Again, it will depend on what kind of brand you have created, and to who you are trying to sell your product.

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