Design Collective NY, Inc. -Strategies For Developing International Fashion Brand Exposure

Accessing new international markets to promote your fashion brand or collection is now more important than ever. The internet enables even the smallest brand to reach customers worldwide. There are other ways of gaining international exposure and potentially new customers. Showcasing your products at trade shows is an important way to gain traction in new markets.

Trade shows enable companies to exhibit their products to buyers, representatives, and the press. They are not open to the public and therefore the focus is on fostering business relationships and volume sales rather than one-time transactions with customers. Trade shows are a great way to find new customers to help grow your business. These customers could include boutiques, larger department stores, and online stores.

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Many countries have trade associations that sponsor trade shows for specific industries. There are calendars available for international trade shows throughout the year worldwide. Brands must find and select the best shows for their brand.

Showcasing a fashion brand at a trade show can be a valuable investment. It can be expensive in some cases but it is worth the expenditure. Other ways to cut costs would be to partner with several complementary brands and exhibit at a booth together. Either way, creating promotions and generating buzz leading up to and during the trade show is important in order to get noticed in the competitive marketplace. Following up with potential buyers and leads is also important.


Working with showrooms can be a more cost-effective way to gain representation and access new markets. Showrooms generally will handle the marketing and sales of your products in national and international markets. Showrooms will also have their wholesale network and can easily connect with potential buyers.

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