Why Do Business With Design Collective NY, Inc?

Design Collective NY, Inc. utilizes creative and innovative approaches to promote products and brands to buyers, press, media, and the public. We help heighten awareness in order to help companies gain exposure, and publicity, and to stimulate demand for products and services.

Our company is best known for organizing and producing large-scale events, and for promoting emerging and high-end fashion designers during New York Fashion Week at the Design Collective New York Group Fashion Show organized by us.

Our competitive advantage is our innovative and creative approach to finding opportunities for exposure. Design Collective NY, Inc., uses a number of strategies to accomplish its objectives including public relations, digital marketing, advertising, and special events to name a few.

We have expanded our services to extend beyond the fashion and beauty arenas, to include marketing and communications for consumer product brands in other industries. We serve as a representative of the companies and brands we work with and work to connect them with the public in creative and memorable ways.

For more information contact:

Belinda Antwi
President and Founder
Design Collective NY, Inc.
Fashion Marketing Management
Tel: +1 (646) 397-6387