Design Collective NY, Inc.- Planning a Fashion Show to Showcase Your Brand

Planning a fashion show to promote your fashion brand, is an extremely important way to get the word out to the right buyers and press about your collection.  This type of exposure though can be quite expensive for a small or startup brand. Currently, fashion collections are generally shown during two main seasons. Springtime for the Autumn/Winter collections and in the Autumn for the following year’s Spring/Summer collections.


Participating in the main Fashion Weeks around the globe; New York, London, Paris, and Milan, can be extremely wonderful in getting maximum exposure for your fashion brand, but again can be expensive without sponsors. Many sponsors may not see the benefit in sponsoring a smaller brand but it is possible to gain their interest.

An alternative can be to plan a private runway show or presentation to specific buyers and press during fashion week but at an alternative venue from the main shows. This way, you can lower your costs and still enjoy the benefits of showing while all the main buyers and press are in town. You need to make sure you find a venue that is easily accessible and close to the main shows.


You will also need to start promoting your show months or even a year in advance to gain interest in the show and to obtain sponsors. The show itself can be organized by a fashion show production company or possibly a PR firm or both. If you decide to do it in-house, you will need to negotiate with the venue concerning dates/times, budgets, and etc. You will also need staff to help manage the event and will need to do your own PR for the event. If you choose a venue such as a loft space or private space, you may also need to purchase insurance to cover loss, theft or damage.

Hotel spaces can be good as they generally offer most things you need such as catering, sound and etc., but you generally cannot bring in any outside food and beverage sponsors and you are charged for space as well as by the headcount of guests for any food and drink.  If you have more people than stated that show up, you can be charged extra.

There are many things to consider when planning a fashion show and there are many small details that can make or break the show. If you can, outsourcing to firms that can manage your event may be more to your benefit.

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By Belinda Antwi for