Design Collective NY, Inc. – How To Protect Your Fashion Brand from Intellectual Property Theft

In the current competitive marketplace, there will always be people who want to duplicate your successes and sell your ideas as their own. Fashion brands can use trademarks, patents, or copyrights to protect different areas of their intellectual property.

Intellectual property protections are important in the fashion industry because, without these options, counterfeiters can easily copy and then profit off the back of a brand’s creations without any repercussions. These options can be used to prevent competitors from using your ideas for their own profit without your consent.

By protecting intellectual property, a fashion brand or designer can increase the value of their assets, solidify their brand reputation, and deter theft. Protecting your creative innovation can also be done by applying for patents and copyrights, giving brands exclusive ownership of their creations

Keeping your ideas safe protects your business and brand growth. Not applying these protections can lead to a loss of market share, a loss of competitive edge, and a potential loss of brand reputation. Fashion brands need to protect the uniqueness of their designs and their overall creative, and innovative ideas from theft.

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