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International Trade

Selling your goods internationally enables you to expand your reach and access more potential customers. There are many intricate details that go into exporting a product overseas. Regardless of which path you choose, (and there are a few) making sure that a business contract is in place before engaging in any business transactions, ensures that you are protected should there be any issues or disagreements.

Export contracts are used for the international sale of products that are intended for resale. This includes manufactured products. If a designer decides to manufacture their brand in one country and finds a buyer or distributor in another,  then an export contract will be needed to be drawn up and signed before the goods are shipped by air or sea.

If a company decides that it doesn’t want to export the products directly because they lack the expertise, they can obtain the services of an Export Management Company or Export Trading Company to act as their export department. These types of entities have expertise in selling and exporting specific types of products to specific international markets and can be invaluable in helping companies and brands expand internationally.


Regardless of which type of business transaction you do, ALWAYS get everything in writing, spelled out and signed before any business is conducted.  This gives you written proof of the agreement and the specific terms of the agreement. These terms could include payment terms, price and the responsibilities of each party.


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