Design Collective NY, Inc. connects brands and companies with the public in creative and innovative ways. The ultimate goal of all the services we provide is to raise awareness of a product, service or brand. We work with both emerging and more established brands either as a representative, a consultant or on a per-project basis. We look for opportunities for exposure in the U.S. and internationally.

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We create and execute innovative promotional events to create publicity. These events can include product launches, social events, pop-up shops, press launches, fashion shows, and more. We are best known for producing large-scale fashion shows to promote both emerging and high-end designers and the sponsors attached to the event.

Public Relations

We use our expertise in strategic communications, and our media contacts, to pitch stories to the press in order get the word out about you and to generate positive publicity. We write and distribute compelling press releases to both digital and traditional publications and blogs.


We promote the brands, products, and companies we represent in a number of unique ways. This may include trade show participation, product placement opportunities, sales opportunities, and more. We generate buzz and heighten brand awareness in order to gain exposure for your products and services.

Digital & Traditional Marketing

We conduct research & development for new product launches. We engage in direct marketing strategies, online marketing, manage social media marketing, influencer marketing, and develop strategic partnerships to help get the word out.


We use our expertise in communications to write compelling content. This may include sales pitches, web content, blog posts, press releases, product descriptions and copy, E-mail marketing pieces, and more. We help to tell memorable stories about your brand to keep the public informed, increase exposure, and generate sales.

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